Photography and Digital imaging workshops:

Our workshops are designed to make photography fun, interactive and creative. We like to not only 'focus the camera but also the mind.'

You don't need expensive equipment, most mobile phones and tablets have decent cameras and as long as they have manual settings then they will allow you to explore the concepts and creativity that photography has to offer.

Combine that with digital software that allows editing and manipulation then you have the tools to produce photographs and art work that will astound friends and family.

However our workshops aim to be much more than just a teaching aid, we want to evolve and bring people together.

Our goal is to build communities that can share and experience the world of photography and art. Ideas are better shared and together I hope we can learn new techniques, skills and concepts that both challenge and broaden our knowledge of picture making. 

Our workshops will teach you;

The elements of photography including camera settings, exposure, depth of field shutter speeds and aperture.

The art of good photography, composition colour, metering etc

Special Projects, includes cameras and lenses as well as looking at different types of photography from wedding to wildlife and everything in between.

The Digital Darkroom workshop covers many aspects of editing including the multitude of adjustments and manipulations tools that are now available with editing software like photoshop. 

We will cover restoration of old photographs and colour tinting, (which is great fun.) 

Editing and manipulation tools, the pros and cons of editing and how not everything is as its seems. 

How to covert your images for social media and website use.

Resolution, and file formats including shooting in Raw

We will also show you how to read a histogram, ways to change colour images to black and white and how to scan and print your images to get the best results.

Our workshops are designed for both young and old there is something for everyone.

"The World is our studio lets Picturit together.'

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