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Croyde North DevonCroyde North DevonPhotograph of the beach at Croyde North Devon. Wind surfers and gliders add colour to the silvery sea.

I have always loved photography and art. As a child I would draw for hours, wildlife and birds were my forte but as I moved into my teens it was scantly clad women with tigers and spears, Frank Frazetta style.

Then as I moved into adulthood work and family became the focus of my life. Everything else was put to one side as the need to earn money and feed a growing family overtook my creative needs.

Long tiring days and short weekend we have all been there i know. Never enough time in the day, then way too tired when the chance arrives.

It's easy to look back and say I should have done this, I should have done that. But I am not for looking backwards instead I move forward.

Modern life is all consuming and technology allows us to continue working long after we leave work. Don't get me wrong tech and the internet is great. It allows us to communicate over vast distances with people who have similar interests and to share thoughts, beliefs and pictures.

However, at times it can be a bit overpowering, the need to be in constant communication is suffocating and sometimes damaging to health and wellbeing both for the self and family. So i'm suggesting for just one day, one hour or even one minute of the day. Stop and take a photo or draw a picture. Step outside and enjoy the world around you.

Find your creativity and explore it, see how much better it makes you feel. You never know you might want to repeat to process.

So many people have said to me that their photographs are rubbish or their art is terrible..... I always disagree. Creativity is an expression of your thoughts it is what you see and feel thats important, not how its portrayed to others.  

Take the photo posted it is a simple image of wind surfers at Croyde North Devon. 

However for me it is a memory of my time I lived and worked there. There is no manipulation involved here it is as taken . I marvelled that day at how the light had the ability to make the sea look silver and I can still hear the wind as the surfers acrobatically skipped across the waves. I was stood on a cliff top looking down as the clouds parted just enough to to illuminate the scene. I took the photo then the light was gone. I had captured a moment in time and as I was the only one in that place at that specific time my photo is unique. 

You see Creativity always leaves a mark, all those thoughts and emotion just from one image. 

So I'm asking you all to do this and send a photo of your creation to me at 

It can be anything as long as its not rude or offensive. A drawing, photo, model, sculpture anything 

Explain your thoughts behind it, what caught your eye, what you were feeling at the time etc....

If your happy for me to share i will include some in my next blog.... if not let me know and I will keep it personal. 

I look forward to seeing them all please share the more the merrier. 

Best Wishes






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