Creativity and Mental illness

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Artistic Street imageArtistic Street imageArtistic photograph of York street scene. There has been many studies in regards to an association between creativity and mental disorders, not so long ago an extensive study found that there seems to be some credence to this belief. Therefore it seems to me that indulging in creative activities would be an obvious way to help people with certain disorders. 

Human beings have been creative since our species came into being. Cave paintings and archeological finds have shown that people were capturing what they had seen, their thoughts and their beliefs, using a multitude of mediums at their disposal.

Therefore surely, if the correlation of mental illness and creativity exists it has done so throughout the passage of time and is intrinsic within the human psyche.

The withdraw of creativity must therefore be detrimental to psychological wellbeing, if research and history our to be believed. 

The problem with the modern civilised world is that from an early age we are taught to work hard get a good job and succeed. Our creative needs are largely ignored or demeaned. How many of us have heard the words "There's no money in that," "You have to be really lucky to make a living doing that."

The creative urges are often extinguished through this indoctrination but usual return in later life or during illness when time allows us to explore and enjoy a return to artistic mediums. 

Art, photography, drama and music to name but a few play an important role in both the development of the mind and also the health of the mind. If we are going to make improvements to mental health then surely creativity must play a vital role.

(Please note the thoughts above are a personal belief and not meant to offend or judge.)




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