Across the Tyne

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Across the River TyneAcross the River TyneHDR image of the bridges across the Tyne Yesterday I returned to my home city to present my first workshop. I can't think of a better place for Picturit to start its journey and thanks must go to the people at Launchpad for giving me this opportunity. I had a great time and the people who attended were lovely and very enthusiastic. 

DerelictDerelictA derelict building in Newcastle City centre

The most enjoyable part was when we went out as a group to explore and photograph the city. The smiles on everyones faces and the images they took showed me how creative and humorous the group was. They made me laugh so much as we wandered around and their creative eyes spotted some fantastic images many of which were really funny. 

Creative mediums are a great way to bring people together and for me its lovely to watch people interact and enthuse about  what they are doing. Members of the group were so happy about what they had learned and asked me to set them tasks for when I return. I didn't expect this kind of response so they caught me out but a task was set and so I look forward to seeing their work when I return. 

i was privileged to be allowed to photograph some members of the group standing by the Tyne bridge and will ask their permission to post in a later blog.

Geordie RooftopsGeordie RooftopsPhotograph taken from the Tyne bridge of the rooftops in Newcastle Upon tyne.

I will treasure the image as a fond memory of the first people to attend a Picturit workshop Across the Tyne in my place of birth.


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