Rememberance day

November 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Poppy fieldPoppy fieldLandscape photograph of poppies in a field near York, North Yorkshire

I wrote this poem to remember all those who have been lost through conflicts. Never Forget


Two Poppies


A poem by Kevin Heads


I’m white standing in a field of red

A place of death to hang my head

So many lives a cost of war

My emblem is to fight no more


I’m red standing in a field of white

Remembering the one’s who fight

For all of those we’ve lost through war

That is what I’m standing for


White is not a coward’s flag

I fight for peace in a world that’s bad

How many die for unjust cause

Collateral damage without remorse


Red runs deep for those we lost

As battles rage we count the cost

Every day of every year

We lower our heads and shed a tear


We are so alike you and I

Shades of the same that makes us cry

So lets hold hands and never release

We’ll remember the lives but hope for peace


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