Photography is Art

November 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Woodland FairyWoodland FairyDigital composition of fairy in bluebell wood. People forget that photography is an art form in itself. An artist posted on facebook recently that she uses photography to capture the image she wants to paint and hoped people didn't think that was cheating.

I have to admit that that thought shocked me slightly. Photography for me is an art form in itself and there are thousands of people in the world creating artistic photography that would look awesome on any wall. I myself often use a multitude of images and my trusty Wacom to create art work and imagery like the one above using digital software like photoshop. I call it photo-art and find the process fun and creative.

TwinsTwinsBringing colour to the World For me photography, art music and creative writing are all magical mediums that allow us to express a thought or emotion. They are doorways into our soul that allow us to offer ourselves to the outside world by sharing. This process of sharing allows others to enter our lives. Some will love your work others may hate it, but if you are true to yourself this won't matter for you will have created something that means so much.....To You !

Street Life ThreeStreet Life Three So I would suggest that instead of worrying about what people may think be creative have fun and most of all be happy.


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