Composition and being creative at Launchpad

October 27, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Being creative and having an idea of composition is a fundamental part of photography. So at my last workshop at Launchpad in Newcastle Upon Tyne we looked at that element more closely.

DerelictDerelictA derelict building in Newcastle City centre We looked at diagonals, patterns, texture and Tones. We looked at the rule of thirds and then broke the rules and composed original and interesting images. However the most important part was we had fun. 

The first hour or so we went through my presentation looking at the ways we can improve the visual aspect of our photographs through composition and creativity  and then we hit the city centre to put what we had learned into practice. 

From a personal point of view I was thrilled to see everyone being so enthusiastic and some of the images they captured were fantastic and very creative.

Newcastle Upon TyneNewcastle Upon Tynephoto of Newcastle Upon Tyne rooftops bridge and streets

They explored the use of curves and reflections and how to lead the eye and were always on the look out for something creative and a bit different. 

It was lovely for me to see them enjoying the process and approaching it with so much confidence and belief, I had a great time and these people are a joy to spend time with. I look forward to our next workshop in November where we will be looking and exploring digital media as well as taking more photographs.

I can't wait !



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