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I find writing a blog about photography quite easy, post a few images, describe your creative thought processes whilst you were composing it. Add a little bit of tech, like shutter speed and aperture and there you have it, sorted.

Writing a blog about mental health is a totally different challenge, where do you start?

Everyone is different no two experiences are the same, symptoms vary depending upon the individual yet many treatments are the same. 

My approach is maybe a bit radical, I see people for who they are not for the label they have been given. I hear it all the time he's mad, she's not normal, your insane, thats crazy they were mental and deranged. I ask anyone to define normal, I don't believe we can as far as human beings are concerned. 

I was on a train recently going to York and sat opposite a lovely young guy and we got chatting. He was a student studying finance and we chatted a while about what he was doing.  Then I mentioned what I was trying to do with Picturit. Soon he was telling me about his mental health problems caused by losing two friends in a very short time, one who died in his arms. I was touched as he explained that no one truly knew how this had effected him and that he didn't really talk about it much due to the stigma attached to mental illness. I felt truly honoured that this individual opened up to me and we chatted at length all the way up to the City Library where we parted company, not before friending each other on facebook. He was really interested in what I was doing and offered to help anyway he could which for me was a lovely gesture. 

"It's been good to talk to you," he said and in that moment I realised that my ideas and hopes for Picturit are well founded.

Talking and listening, laughing and sharing, support and community these I believe are the building blocks of personal wellbeing. There are many groups out there that are doing wonderful work with little or no money. They are making a huge difference to peoples lives everyday, but these groups are often poorly funded and fragmented across several areas.

I visited Help for Heroes recently and marvelled at their building, grounds and resources. They are doing fantastic work for our military personnel and rightly so.

Wouldn't it be fantastic though if we could have something similar in every County or City throughout the Uk. A place to truly help mental health, not a hospital or institution but a place built for support and community. A place to explore creativity and the self in a pleasant environment. Real care in the community!

What a Vision lets Picturit together and make it happen. 









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