The Creative Tree

Hello and welcome to Picturit. 

I started Picturit as a new venture in December 2016.

I decided that through the medium of photography and art I would try and help people who suffer with Mental Illness and disabilities. Being an area close to my heart i believed that my workshops "Focus the camera focus the mind' would be a great way to build a community of like minded people who could explore photography whist supporting one another in the process. 

The idea came from my wife and she is the inspiration behind Picturit. She has suffered bipolar all her adult life and having a intolerance to medications meant she had to find other ways to deal with her bipolar. She uses CBT and abstract art to stabilise her mood. Her strength and determination is awe-inspiring and my admiration of her is boundless and immeasurable. 

I am very passionate about Picturit and have a list of ideas I want to explore moving forward, one of which is to run photography weekends where people can join me for fun and creativity in areas of beauty and interest. 

Families are important too and I hope that through photography and art we can find a way to help all those who are effected by mental illness and disability. 

"The World is our studio; lets Picturit together."

I am of course a photographer at heart and as you will see as you explore my website, I photograph a multitude of subjects.

From weddings to nature, portraits to landscapes I photograph them all. 

I try to capture beauty and emotion and a feeling of time and place. 

Ansel Adams nailed it when he said 'You don't take a photograph, you make it.'

Picturit is here for you, a 'creative tree' with many branches so pick one and climb.


Thanks for calling by:


Best Wishes


Kevin Heads